Nemhandel transitions to eDelivery

February 23th, 2023

Nemhandel transitions to eDelivery

During 2023, Nemhandel will transform into an eDelivery-based infrastructure following the pan-European, which is called OIOUBL 3.0 in everyday speech.

The announcement for the new accounting law, that became effective February 1th, 2023, containing the technical requirements for digital accounting systems. One of the requirements is that accounting systems must support electronic invoicing in both Nemhandel and Peppol. Therefore, the Danish Business Authority will upgrade Nemhandel to do so. As part of this process, the Danish Business Authority has published a reference implementation plan at the end of January 2023, which covers the upgrade until the release end of November 2023.

The Danish Business Authority has announced that OIOUBL 3.0 will consist of the following elements:

  • The register of Nemhandel will be a central search register where users of Nemhandels must register their address information.
  • A specification of the implementation of eDelivery AS4, which is the authoritative technical instruction.
  • The reference implementation, which is the Danish Business Authority’s specification for how eDelivery can be implemented in system solutions.
  • Document specifications for OIOUBL electronic business documents based on the pan-European UBL standard.
  • Validation rules that implement the OIOUBL specifications.
  • A test environment with a number of Nemhandel endpoints that users can use for test data from their local implementation.

Source: The Danish Business Authority

The reference implementation plan can be accessed on the Danish Business Authority’s website.

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