Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Supplier Do you need to exchange orders and invoices with the public sector in the United Kingdom based on the PEPPOL standard? mySupply has a PEPPOL Access Point framework agreement with CCS and can assist with huge cost savings on electronic invoicing.


We can help you send and receive electronic business documents

Optimisation and automation of electronic invoices, orders and other business documents plays a crucial role for both small and large businesses! By focusing on electronic business processes, companies and public sector organisations can free up significant resources and reduce costs.

Get started quickly with a scalable solution that creates value for you and your customers.

What do you need?

Mobile Pay Invoice Send invoices directly to your customers with MobilePay Invoice

Sending/receiving invoices in Denmark

We need to send and/or receive electronic business documents in Denmark.

Help me with electronic invoicing in Denmark

Sending/receiving invoices to/from Norway

We need to send and/or receive electronic business documents to/from Norway.

Help me send electronic business documents to Norway

Document standards

Regardless of whether you are exchanging documents using OIOUBL, EDIFACT, LEDES, PEPPOL BIS, EHF, SveFaktura or a seventh document standard, we can help you.

Help me with document standards

SAP® products

I need to convert data to and from SAP and the NemHandel system.

Help me with SAP® products

Advisory Services

I need advice about NemHandel, PEPPOL, document standards, integration, etc.

Help med with advisory service and answer my questions


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Required change in NemHandel

Required change in NemHandel by November 1st The Agency for Digitisation has decided that per. November 1st 2017, an old domain name will be phased out in NemHandel, and all...

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Schematron 15/9-17

There are changes in the official schematron rules. The Schematron checks that the regulatory framework for a large number of requirements for the OIOUBL files is complied with, and the...

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VAX 360 Data Input Form

Now we also fulfill the needs of smaller companies, who cannot send electronic invoices. We introduce VAX 360 Data Input Form. With VAX 360 Data Input Form you can send electronic...

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