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E-invoicing Legal Requirements Worldwide

mySupply's consultants are part of several international networks, ensuring they stay updated with the latest information. We continuously update the countries to align with the relevant initiatives.

Overview of Local Compliance Requirements

Gain an overview of the initiatives applicable in each country in the context of e-invoicing and other activites relates to electronic document exchange. Click on the countries below to access updated information about the country's electronic invoicing and document exchange.

Our consultants stay informed about current trends, and based on that, we will regularly update the list of country profiles. If you need information about a specific country, feel free to contact us to learn more.

In Denmark, the Danish Business Authority is responsible for the infrastructure NemHandel and the document standard OIOUBL.

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Norway must be considered one of the most developed countries when it comes to the exchange of e-documents.

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In Sweden, there is Single Face to Industry (SFTI), which is managed by SALAR, DIGG etc.

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Germany has started digitization late and today has a complex set-up.

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Finland is a traditional VANS country where service operators establish connections directly with each other.

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In Belgium, the online portal Mercurius and the Peppol network are used for document exchange.

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Since 2019, Poland have been using the PeF platform, which focuses on e-invoicing for the public sector.

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All B2G e-invoice exchanges are controlled through the central e-invoice platform, Servis eRačun za državu, in Croatia

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The Netherlands has chosen to implement the Peppol framework for document exchange

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