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With more than 23 years of experience in IT and business consulting, mySupply has built an unique knowledge and an extensive network in electronic document exchange and integrated solutions.

Expertise in E-commerce and E-invoicing

mySupply has participated in the development of the NemHandel infrastructure with a special focus on developing and establishing norms for the use of OIOUBL documents. For a 10-year period from 2010, mySupply was responsible for the development, maintenance, and support of the NemHandel infrastructure and OIOUBL document standards on behalf of the Danish Agency for Digitalization.

mySupply has also participated in the development and implementation of the Peppol infrastructure and Peppol BIS document standards and is currently certified for Post-AwardPeppol and enhanced Peppol. mySupply is a member of Peppol’s PINT working group for designing the international Peppol BIS standard and Peppol's CTC working group for reporting invoice information to tax authorities. As such, mySupply has an in-depth understanding of both the NemHandel and Peppol infrastructures and the utilized document standards.

Most recently, mySupply has been involved in developing the new MeMo standard for Digital Post.
Expertise in E-commerce and E-invoicing

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Delivering Complex IT Solutions

mySupply’s expertise extends widely, and we act as a reliable partner for various IT software companies, including Oracle, SAP, Fujitsu, e-boks, and

We actively utilize our expertise to develop our core product, VAX 360, and to ensure our customers derive maximum value from their IT solutions within procurement, finance, and Digital Post.

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Our products, services, and advice are based on a high level of expertise acquired by our qualified staff through more than 23 years of experience in electronic document management and data integration.



We strive to build a business based on long-term relationships both internally and externally. We value integrity, mutual respect, and credibility towards customers, partners, and each other.