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Bank Integration

For VAX 360 we have made a bank integration that makes it fast and easy for you to make payments. You will be provided with information about postings on your accounts directly in your ERP system, saving time and resources on otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Efficient payment automation

Efficient payment automation

Our Bank Integration service automates the payments to your bank, once they have been entered into the ERP system. You will get information about both deposits and withdrawals as well as bank statements directly into your ERP system for automated account reconciliation and follow-up. In case of any issues with withdrawals you will automatically receive a notification.

Eliminate manual payments in the bank’s system, and instead make payments directly from your ERP system. Automated payments reduce the risk of payment errors, and you receive receipt- and payment responses throughout the proces.

VAX 360 Bank Integration supports both the new SEPA ISO 20022 formats and the corresponding EDIFACT messages. If you cannot create or read the correct formats directly from your own ERP system, we can help solve this problem, so that your solution can support the necessary guidelines.


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