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Meet Our Customers

We like to have happy customers and over the years, we've had the pleasure of advising and collaborating with a wide range of ambitious companies, regions, and organizations both nationally and internationally. Here's a selection of those we've had the privilege to assist.

Solutions that Create Value

Assist more than 350 customers nationally and internationally.

10-4 Building Center
10-4 has established a cohesive solution where both traditional EDIFACT documents and OIOUBL documents could be handled electronically through mySupply's VAX 360 solution. Read more
Amgros has received a solution focused on process optimization and restrictive validation, which takes into account the business requirements imposed by the regions on hearing clinics. Read more
COWI was looking for a professional partner when they needed to replace their billing approval system with SAP Concur. Read more
In connection with the establishment of a new independent group, all existing IT solutions had to be adapted to new conditions. Read more
E. Trasborg uses VAX 360 with associated VAX Transfer to exchange invoices and credit notes with their customers. Read more
iTools found the solution in VAX 360 when they needed a new electronic invoicing system. mySupply was behind the solution that provided the company with profitable benefits on the bottom line. Read more

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