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E-Invoicing in Finland

E-Invoicing in Finland

Achieving Compliance in Finland: An overview with mySupply

Finland is a traditional VANS (Value Added Network Services) country where service operators establish connections directly with each other for the exchange of electronic business documents. A supplier in Finland must, therefore, have a service operator that has connections to other service operators to exchange B2B/B2G e-invoices.


Finland’s e-invoicing legislation is based on EU Directive 2014/55/EU and Law 241/2019 on electronic invoicing (“Laki hankintayksiköiden ja elinkeinonharjoittajien sähköisestä laskutuksesta”). In Finland, there is mandatory B2G legislation, meaning that Finnish suppliers to the public sector are required to send electronic invoices and credit notes. There is currently no specific legislation for B2B e-invoicing in Finland, but electronic B2B invoicing is widespread in the country.

What Can Be Exchanged?

Electronic Invoices and Credit Notes: Finland uses the Finnish country-specific document formats TEAPPSXML 3.0 and Finvoice 3.0, which are in accordance with EN (European Norm).

How Are Electronic Business Documents Exchanged?

Exchange occurs through interoperability agreements between service operators. The Peppol network can be used if the buyer is registered to receive e-invoices.

The nonprofit organization TIEKE has created a directory where recipients in the Finnish network can be searched for. This can be found at the following link:

Tax Reporting / Tax Clearance

The Finnish government supports the EU initiative ViDA, which aims to combat VAT fraud digitally. However, a specific model for how Finland wishes to implement ViDA/CTC has not yet been determined.

Archiving Requirement

There is a 7-year archiving requirement for electronic invoices and credit notes in Finland.

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