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New digital solution for invoice processing

New digital solution for invoice processing

A new digital solution automates invoice processing between regions and private hospitals in Denmark. In all Danish regions there is an increasing need for private hospitals as alternative to regional hospitals. This is to bring down waiting lists. This, however, is challenging to the finance departments in the regions, as they manually process the many invoices from the private hospitals.

Recources in the regions’ finance departments are scarce as is, and the employees spend a lot of time on ensuring that invoices from private hospitals match with the order for the patients.

Together with Region Syddanmark, we have found a solution for this challenge. We have developed a new tool called VAX Private Hospital, which automates the verification of invoices in relation to ordered treatments at private hospitals.

How does VAX Private Hospital solve the challenge for the regions?

VAX Private Hospital automatically validates whether an invoice matches completely with the order placed for the patient. This automation significantly reduces the repetitive and manual work. This means that the employees tasked with this job only need to focus on the invoices that, due to errors, does not match the sent treatment order. This way, their expertise is utilized where it is needed.

In the future, it is the plan in Region Syddanmark, that all invoices that match with the corresponding order, is automatically processed. During April 2024 we have run multiple tests on VAX Private Hospital in Region Syddanmark, and all these tests were successful. Therefore, it is expected that from this point, all invoices from private hospitals will be processed through VAX Private Hospital.

Significant savings in the public sector

The initiative to digitise invoice processing between private hospitals and Region Syddanmark, is merely one of the initiatives they have taken to reduce manual work in the public sector. Digitalisation Minister, Marie Bjerre, has previously stated an ambition to save the public sector manual work equivalent to 10,000 full-time positions over 10 years.

At mySupply, we are proud to contribute to achieving this goal as well as being a collaborative partner in several initiatives both with Region Syddanmark and other Danish regions.

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