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Launch of Multi-Factor Authentication

Launch of Multi-Factor Authentication

We are pleased to introduce the latest functionality in VAX 360 – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which significantly enhances your security. This functionality will be included in the upcoming release of VAX 360.

It’s not new that when we operate in digital systems, spend time online, and store information digitally, protecting our identity is crucial. We’ve been diligent about this as individuals, but it’s equally important for businesses.

That’s why our development team has been working on implementing multi-factor authentication over the past few months, which will be a part of the latest version of VAX 360, scheduled for release on January 25, 2023. With the launch of multi-factor authentication, VAX 360 becomes even more secure for our customers.

This feature can be activated at both the administrator and user levels. At the administrator level, it will be possible to enforce mandatory multi-factor authentication, ensuring that all users must use multi-factor login. At the user level, individual users can decide whether they want to activate multi-factor login.

Enhanced Security

The launch of multi-factor authentication in VAX 360 aims to enhance security, benefiting both our customers and us as a document distributor. The functionality will be visible with the latest release of VAX 360, but changes in the user interface will only take effect when either the company activates multi-factor authentication or its users activate the feature.

Further Information

This feature will be available to all our VAX 360 customers and can be accessed from January 25, 2023. Please note that there may be an additional cost for user licenses when using the SMS confirmation method.

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