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What is… EAN Invoicing

What is… EAN Invoicing

In short, EAN invoicing, also known as regular e-invoicing (electronic invoicing), utilizes an EAN number (European Article Numbering). The EAN number serves as a unique identification number owned by public institutions and all companies registered in the NemHandels Registry (NHR). The EAN number functions as the electronic address and can, for example, be your CVR (Central Business Register) or SE (Social Enterprise) number.

In Denmark, it is mandatory to use this invoicing method when a company issues invoices to the public sector. Some companies voluntarily choose to receive invoices in this format.

In practice, this allows companies to replace traditional PDF invoices or physical invoices with a solution that supports e-invoicing. It enables the direct delivery of the invoice to the customer’s financial system, from where it can be further processed.

There are several advantages to subscribing to a solution that facilitates this. Companies can start receiving electronic invoices from both Denmark and Europe using OIOUBL and Peppol, which constitute the Danish and European standards for transmitting EAN invoices between companies. By transitioning to this modern form of electronic commerce, companies can also ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including the new accounting law. You can find more information about this here: [insert link to the accounting law]. At mySupply, we offer a standard solution that can be easily integrated to assist with electronic invoicing, whether it’s for occasional use or handling thousands of electronic invoices per month. We are available to assist with your needs.

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