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We are proud to have been selected to participate in the next phase of the pilot project for ViDA (VAT in a Digital Age). ViDA is an initiative launched by the EU to modernize and digitize the VAT system across member states. The pilot project is carried out under Nordic auspices with participation from the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic tax authorities. We must now test even more complex VAT scenarios, as well as test VAT reporting in a domestic context at the request of the tax authorities.

What does this mean for mySupply?

Being part of the ViDA pilot project places us at the forefront of digital tax innovation. This gives us a unique opportunity to:

  • Work directly with legislators and other leading companies to shape the future of digital tax reporting.
  • Apply our expertise in digital transformation and e-invoicing to test, evaluate and improve the new systems and processes proposed under ViDA.
  • Contribute to the development of more efficient, secure and fair VAT collection mechanisms that can support a growing digital economy.

Why is ViDA important?

The ViDA initiative represents a critical step forward in ensuring that VAT systems keep pace with the digital age. By introducing elements such as electronic invoicing and real-time data transfer, ViDA aims to improve VAT compliance, combat fraud, and simplify processes for businesses across the EU.

What does this mean for our partners and customers?

Through our participation, we at mySupply gain first-hand insight into the new systems, which makes us better equipped to guide and support our customers and partners through the transition. We are committed to sharing our lessons learned and experience so that you can prepare for the upcoming changes, as well as maximize efficiency and ensure compliance.

Follow along on LinkedIn, where we will share updates, insights and experiences from our journey with the ViDA pilot project.

You can also read more on their own website.

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