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Peppol Logistics

Peppol Logistics

Peppol is now leading the charge in revolutionizing the logistics industry by introducing their new domain, Peppol Logistics. With this introduction, Peppol is expanding its network with the purpose of streamlining and supporting global logistics and supply chain operations.

At mySupply, we are certified Peppol “Access Point”, which means that it is safe to connect to the Peppol network through us. Peppol is the European network for electronic commerce, and over time, we at mySupply have continuously contributed to the development of the Peppol infrastructure.

What is the purpose of Peppol Logistics?

One of the main purposes of Peppol Logistics is to standardize the way in which logistic data is exchanged between business partners, thereby reducing the complexity that can arise between suppliers, carriers, and recipients. Peppol Logistics provides a common understanding for the operators when logistic communication is exchanged, including the possibility to reduce complexity in planning, executing, and tracking deliveries. This is with the aim of improving stock management, freight handling, and reducing transportation costs.

Peppol Logistic has questioned a number of operators in the industry to shed light on the challenges, that have plagued the industry for decades. Some of the biggest challenges are:

  • Lack of standardization
  • Inefficient communication between operators in the supply chain

These challenges are addressed in Peppol Logistics by offering a platform and a framework for electronic logistics documents, which includes, among others:

  • Advanced Shipping Notice
  • Transportation Plan
  • Transportation Declarations
  • Packing Slips
  • Transportation Status

These documents will be exchanged securely and efficiently through the Peppol network, just as we know it today for orders, invoices, and credit notes. This also means that companies of all sizes will be able to benefit from this domain and achieve a more streamlined logistics process and supply chain.

Benefits of Peppol Logistics

By streamlining and standardizing the way logistic data is exchanged, means significant benefits for the industry and the operators involved in e.g. inventory management, shipments, and transport. In practice, the benefits include:

  • Reduction in administrative tasks
  • Fewer costs associated with e.g. delayed, lost, or misplaced goods/freight
  • Greater assurance of correct deliveries
  • More transparency in the value chain
  • Better reporting of climate impact

mySupply’s role in Peppol Logistics

We closely monitor the development of Peppol Logistics and have already deployed the first advanced shipping notices with multiple package hierarchies and barcode handling, providing great value for both buyers and suppliers.

If you want to learn more about how Peppol Logistics can help your logistics processes, reach out to support@mysupply.dk.

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Peppol Logistics

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