Questions about e-invoicing

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What is electronic invoicing?

Electronic invoicing – e-invoicing – is an electronic exchange of business documents between customers and suppliers. It is an important part of an efficient financial supply chain, and it connects the internal processes of companies to the payment systems.

What is NemHandel?

NemHandel is the Danish standard for the exchange of electronic documents. It makes it easy for companies to send and receive electronic business documents securely through the Internet.

In order to send electronic documents through NemHandel, your financial system must be setup to send electronic invoices in OIOUBL format. This can be done by using our NemHandel integration.

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What is Peppol?

You can also exchange documents through Peppol, which is an exchange service for electronic documents, such as orders, invoices and catalogues among companies worldwide. Peppol is based on the international UBL document standard that is adjusted to meet the requirements for global document cross-border exchange.

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Questions about VAX 360

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What do I do if I cannot receive electronic documents?

If you cannot process the electronic documents, it is possible to convert received documents to HTML and send them to yourself through email.

Can I send and receive OIOXML?

You can both send and receive the old OIOXML format. However, the Danish Agency for Digitisation recommends that the support for OIOXML electronic invoice be discontinued, because this standard is outdated and does not fulfil current and future requirements. If your trading partners require a specific format, conversion to e.g. OIOUBL format is possible.

What is VAX Transfer?

VAX Transfer is a software service that is installed locally on your PC or server for document exchange with VAX 360. VAX Transfer uses a secure and encrypted web service for document exchange with VAX 360. VAX Transfer uploads and downloads documents through file folders on your PC or server.

Can I use VAX Transfer for manual up-/download?

You cannot use VAX Transfer while using manual download. You can use manual upload and VAX Transfer simultaneously.

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Can I use VAX 360 with my invoice workflow system?

VAX 360 can be used with all common invoice workflow systems, if your workflow system can process OIOUBL invoice/credit note. Direct integration with Next Approve and Signflow is possible. If your workflow system cannot process standard formats, documents can be converted to the required format.

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How do I create an additional user in VAX 360?

If you have administrator rights in your VAX 360 solution, you have the opportunity to create new users. Login to your VAX 360 solution and access the Maintain Users menu, which you can find in the menu bar at the top right of the VAX 360 interface. Then you have the option to choose Create New User.

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How do I create a new fixed search in VAX 360?

In VAX 360, you can create fixed searches, also called search groups. The advantage of search groups is that you don’t have to do the same search repeatedly manually. Access the menu option Search, enter your search criteria and press Save. Then you name your search group and choose whether the search group should be visible in your left menu so you quickly can access the search under My Search Groups.

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