VAX Validator

Get invalid invoices rejected with a firewall. VAX Validator secures your supplier invoices before they enter your invoice flow and ERP system.

Stops defective invoices

With mySupply’s VAX Validator, you get a solution that meets your needs. The solution is a quality control, so that your company gets the highest security over received invoices. The firewall ensures that only validated invoices are submitted to your ERP system. A validated invoice meets a number of predetermined rules that your company has set up itself. This gives you security and saves you time, while also giving the supplier the opportunity to correct the error so that it complies with the validation rules. With an e-invoicing firewall, many of your manual invoicing processes are automated while helping your suppliers to invoice you correctly. The firewall stops and corrects incomplete supplier invoices.

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Gives you the right data

Get rid of defective supplier invoices with a firewall that validates all invoices before submission to your ERP system. Thus, you only have to deal with validated invoices, which give you the right management data to make decisions on the basis of.

VAX Validator replaces manual invoicing processes such as approval of suppliers etc. It frees up man-hours that your employees can spend on other profitable tasks. In addition to saving your finance department manual processes, a firewall can also save employees from handling fraudulent invoices such as invoice duplicates, zero invoices, etc. It facilitates both from a time and financial perspective.

Avoid VAT errors

VAT errors are a major invoicing culprit that have significant consequences for the bottom line. The firewall can validate on the basis of VAT, so that the header and line level are matched. This means that you will not receive invoices with discrepancies in the VAT in your ERP system. By implementing the firewall, you only get invoices into your ERP system that it can handle. This means that your employees avoid too many manual invoicing processes, while at the same time you can give your suppliers the opportunity to correct errors – both in their ERP system and in the invoice.

The firewall is suitable for everyone

VAX Validator is for all companies. The solution offers you a wide range of advantages:

  • Obtain a validation whether the invoice contains the correct information.
  • Automatic rejection of invoices before they are released to own systems.
  • Achieve automatic communication with suppliers regarding missing information.
  • Save time on handling failed invoices. Documentation of unpaid invoices.
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