VAX Data Capture

With VAX Data Capture you can scan PDF invoices directly into your ERP-system.

Your Solution for Scanning PDF Invoices

Do you manually enter your PDF invoices day in day out, because your ERP-system cannot load or generate invoices digitally? A VAX Data Capture solution enables you to convert your PDF invoices into the electronic document standard you require.

Processes in VAX Data Capture

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First, either you or your provider send(s) the PDF by email or upload(s) it to a file folder via a Secure FTP connection. VAX Data Capture then automatically loads the PDF invoice and transfers relevant invoice data to an XML file, which stores the original PDF document as an attachment.

The XML file is then processed by our VAX 360 solution, where it is converted to the desired format: for example, OIOUBL, Peppol BIS, Peppol BIS 3.0/EHF or Peppol BIS 3.0/Svefaktura. It is also here that the converted file is validated in relation to applicable document standards and regulations. Finally, the document is forwarded from VAX 360 to your ERP-system.

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Avoid Manual Work Processes and Errors

VAX Data Capture streamlines your work processes. For one thing, this means that you save time, money and resources that you would otherwise have spent on entering your PDF invoices manually. You also reduce the risk of human error and duplication during a busy working day. VAX Data Capture automatically processes all your PDF invoices in one location, thereby providing you with a better overview of your document flow.

Scan at Line Level and in Different Languages

VAX Data Capture can scan invoice lines and invoices in different languages and create valid OIOUBL documents. This means that you can scan your PDF invoices from your foreign customers or suppliers and load them into your ERP-system in the same way as the Danish OIOUBL invoices.

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