SAP Ariba Integration

With mySupply's VAX 360 integration solution, you can quickly and easily integrate your ERP-system with SAP Ariba for exchanging electronic business documents with your customers and suppliers.

Send and receive orders, order confirmations, invoices and catalogues etc. to and from your customers and suppliers. We can help you with an integration solution for SAP Ariba so you quickly and easily can send and receive electronic business documents in your ERP-system.

Integration for SAP Ariba

The integration for SAP Ariba can be established for both customer (Buyer) or supplier (Seller) to exchange electronic catalogues, orders, order confirmations, invoices, etc.

The integration must be connected to and from external networks and infrastructures, such as NemHandel, Peppol or VANS, and the exchange can be performed in different formats, such as OIOUBL, PEPPOL-BIS and EDIFACT.

Additionally, it can be connected to several ERP-systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamic AX, Dynamic NAV, Dynamic 365, etc. for it to correspond with the in-house document formats.


SAP Ariba – Buyer

As “Buyer” on SAP Ariba, you have the option of receiving electronic invoices from external sources, such as NemHandel and Peppol, and create these on your SAP Ariba account.

Through VAX 360, the invoices and credit notes from e.g. NemHandel or Peppol are received. The document is then converted to SAP Ariba the cXML document format, and directly read through your SAP Ariba account. Thereafter, the document is automatically treated as any other by SAP Ariba.


SAP Ariba – Seller

As “Seller” on SAP Ariba, you have the option of uploading electronic catalogues for your customers or receive orders and send order confirmations and invoices.

The documents are exchanged between SAP Ariba and your ERP-system through VAX 360. In VAX 360, the documents are converted to and from the SAP Ariba cXML format to your in-house document format, depending on what ERP-system you are using.

The SAP Ariba Network

SAP Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers in more than 190 countries can exchange. Currently 3 billion USD is being traded pr. year and more then 4,1 million business are already connected to the SAP Ariba Network. Therefore, the SAP Ariba network is the worlds largest B2B procurement network.

You can integrate both as a supplier and as a customer, and you can exchange orders, order confirmation, shipping advice, invoice/credit note, remittance note etc.

On the network, buyers and suppliers can easily collaborate on transactions and at the same time strengthen their relationship and create new ones. Buyers can control the entire procurement process and control spending and find new sources of savings. Suppliers can help customers reach their purchasing goals, increase customer satisfaction and simplify the sales cycle.

mySupply integration to SAP Ariba

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How Does the Integration Work?

The integration is based on the exchange of the document format cXML, which is converted to either the Danish OIOUBL format, the international Peppol format or customer specific formats e.g. SAP IDOC’s.

The integration is established in our VAX 360 integration solution. This gives you access to monitoring the exchange of documents so you can keep track of which documents are sent and received respectively. There is also a receipt in the system for the document being delivered correctly to the SAP Ariba network.

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The Benefits of Using Our SAP Ariba Integration Solution Are as Follows

  • Overview of document exchange
  • Standardised integration to SAP Ariba
  • Reducing error situations
  • Implementation through SAP Ariba partner
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