You can both send and receive electronic documents in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Whether you are a private enterprise or public institution, you can easily and quickly send and receive electronic invoices to and from Scandinavia! Electronic invoicing saves you both time and resources by reducing the amount of manual administration. When you decide to begin invoicing your Scandinavian partners electronically, it is important that you use a supplier who can deliver the goods and who you can trust! mySupply has more than 15 years’ experience optimising and streamlining workflows.

Electronic invoicing in Norway


The exchange of electronic documents between companies in Norway is done via the Norwegian e-commerce format EHF. The purpose of EHF is to facilitate domestic commerce and ensure that the relevant standards are available on the Norwegian market. mySupply is a certified Access Point (i.e. approved to collect and distribute electronic documents) for sending and receiving invoices, credit memos, catalogs, orders, order confirmations and shipping labels in EHF format.

Cross Border

Since 1 July 2012, it has been a legal requirement for suppliers to the Norwegian State to issue electronic invoices. On 1 January 2015, the Norwegian municipalities followed suit, meaning they also require electronic invoices. When you send electronic documents from Denmark to one of our Nordic neighbours, e.g. from Denmark to Norway, you must always use the PEPPOL BIS format, which is a Cross Border Format. mySupply supports the exchange of PEPPOL BIS. If you are unable to provide valid PEPPOL BIS documents, we are also able to handle the conversion of your documents to this format.

Approved Best Practice Access Point

The Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment has approved mySupply as an Access Point that can send and receive invoices, credit memos, catalogs, orders, order confirmations and shipping labels in the EHF and BIS formats. In fact, we are an ‘Approved Best Practice Access Point‘.

Electronic invoicing in Sweden

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV) in Sweden has submitted a government proposal to make electronic invoicing mandatory in the Swedish public sector. In other words, this would require all suppliers’ invoices to the Swedish municipalities, county councils, regions and State to be issued electronically. The following options exist in Sweden for electronic invoicing: Svefaktura 1.0 and Svefaktura 2.0. mySupply supports both document standards.

Svefaktura 1.0

Since 2004, SFTI (Single Face To Industry) has recommended Svefaktura 1.0 as the standard for electronic invoicing. Svefaktura 1.0 is based on the VANS approach that we are familiar with, where an agreement is made with individual suppliers.

Svefaktura 2.0

Svefaktura 2.0 is identical to PEPPOL BIS invoices. Svefaktura 2.0 includes handling supplier invoices and credit memos and the documents are exchanged over the PEPPOL network.

Cross Border

Since 2008, all governmental authorities in Sweden have processed both incoming and outgoing invoices electronically, and today, it is mandatory for state bodies to process orders and invoices electronically. The Swedish government is considering a ban on paper invoices, which would entail that the entire Swedish public sector must use electronic invoicing from November 2018. When you send electronic documents across national borders, e.g. from Denmark to Sweden, it is generally recommended to use the PEPPOL BIS format. mySupply is a PEPPOL BIS Access Point, which is allows us to facilitate the exchange of electronic documents between customers and suppliers across national borders. If you are unable to provide us with electronic documents in the correct format, we can convert them for you.

Electronic invoicing in Finland


The Finnish format for the exchange of electronic documents is TEAPPSXML. The exchange of documents is occurs via VANs, where you deliver your documents to a network provider who then distributes them to the correct recipient(s). mySupply supports the TEAPPSXML format.


Finvoice is a publicly available invoicing standard developed by the Finnish banks. mySupply supports the Finvoice format.

Cross Border

Electronic invoices from Denmark to Finland are sent in the PEPPOL BIS format. mySupply acts as an Access Point for exchanging electronic documents between Denmark and Finland. We can help convert your documents between the different formats if needed.