PEPPOL - Electronic invoicing in Europe

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is, essentially, NemHandel at a European level. It is an exchange service for electronic documents such as orders, invoices and catalogs among enterprises throughout Europe.

PEPPOL is based on the international UBL document standard, which is adapted to the requirements for exchanging documents across national boundaries within the EU. PEPPOL is an EU standard that provides the possibility to send and receive electronic invoices to and from foreign trading partners in a legal and official way. Additionally, PEPPOL contains an infrastructure that enables the exchange of electronic documents via the Internet. All this requires is that a company is linked to a so-called Access Point.

mySupply VAX 360 PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL via mySupply

mySupply an approved and certified provider of an Access Point, which makes it possible for our customers both to send and receive electronic documents to and from international trading partners.

mySupply has also integrated the PEPPOL documents with the Danish NemHandel and Norwegian EHF e-commerce frameworks, enabling customers who use our VAX 360 solution to exchange documents with foreign business partners.

mySupply PEPPOL dokumentudveksling faktura Sverige Norge Finland Tyskland England Spanien Italien Østrig Belgien Schweiz

Public and private sector

Both public institutions and private companies can benefit from more efficient electronic procurement and invoicing processes. It is expected that the use of e-procurement will save billions of Euros, not only by reducing administrative burdens but also by increasing competition and transparency.


Advantages of PEPPOL

- PEPPOL supports the entire e-commerce process

- Connect your business from a single site and exchange documents with all of Europe

- Integration between the Danish NemHandel and PEPPOL infrastructures

- Increases efficiency and reduces costs

- Direct access for customers who use VAX 360