Solution to private companies

mySupply has entered into a framework agreement (RM3784) with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for the implementation of a PEPPOL Access Point and VAX 360 solution for the UK public sector.

mySupply’s VAX 360 solution for private companies fulfils all requirements in relation to exchanging electronic documents with the British authorities and the UK health care sector. VAX 360 is therefore a suitable solution for private companies that are subject to UK requirements on being able to receive and send electronic orders, invoices, etc.

mySupply has also participated in the development of the European PEPPOL standard. mySupply is also a participant in the on-going work in the European Committee of Standardization (CEN) to standardize specifications for invoices, credit memos and other e-commerce documents. CEN has been given a mandate to draw up guidelines for the content and requirements for the electronic formats for invoices and credit memos, as well as the entire procurement process from tendering, bids, contracts, catalogs, orders, etc. that will be used across the EU. mySupply therefore has extensive insight into the rules for e-commerce via the PEPPOL infrastructure.