Solution to NHS and public companies

mySupply has entered into a framework agreement (RM3784) with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for the implementation of a PEPPOL Access Point for the NHS and public organisations in the UK.

mySupply’s solution consists of three components

  • A PEPPOL Access Point that can carry out the technical exchange of electronic documents, invoices, etc. via the PEPPOL infrastructure
  • VAX 360, which includes the following:
    • interfaces for the company’s ERP systems
    • converting of document formats
    • validation of electronic documents
    • status information on the sending and receiving of electronic documents
    • electronic document processing history and logs
  • VAX Document Capture, which includes the following:
    • processing of PDF documents
    • data collection and conversion to electronic documents
    • validation and recognition of orders, invoices, etc. in PDF format

VAX 360 to the public sector in the United Kingdom is a standard solution which essentially corresponds to VAX 360 (Cloud), except that it is adapted to the specific requirements established in the framework agreement (RM3784) with CCS.

VAX Document Capture is used for NHS Trusts and public organisations that wish to receive PDF documents, or where the ERP system cannot form electronic output.

mySupply has standardized the implementation process so that public authorities can quickly get started with exchanging the electronic formats and thereby quickly achieve the desired savings and benefits resulting from switching to electronic documents.

mySupply has implemented VAX 360 and PEPPOL Access Points for the Region of Southern Denmark, which is responsible for the health care services in that administrative region (see customer case), Biotronik GMBH, which supplies pacemakers to the hospital sector (see customer case) and Air Liquide, which supplies gases, service and technical support to the industrial and health sector (see customer case).