Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

Exchanging orders and invoices with the British public sector based on the PEPPOL standard? We can help you achieve huge savings on electronic invoices, allowing you to transition into paperless operations more quickly.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) consolidated the British government’s central commercial capacity into a single organisation, combining the Government Procurement Service with other teams from the Cabinet Office and central administration. CSS is an executive agency sponsored by the Cabinet Office and functions as a public business-oriented organ under the 1973 Government Trading Funds Act. Its remit is to work together with both government ministries and organisations across the public sector to ensure that maximum value is obtained from every commercial transaction and to improve the quality of service delivery. CSS aims to become the preferred place for commercial services and procurement services at the expert level. With both service delivery and advisory functions, the services include contract management and management of supplier performance to ensure that governmental organs do business as a ‘real’, single customer, giving individual organisations the freedom to focus their own procurement expertise on that which is unique to them.

As we are part of the framework agreement for PEPPOL Access Point suppliers all bodies within the national health service, NHS, and the British public sector in general will have access to the framework agreement.

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What is PEPPOL?

Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) refers to a set of specifications and a governance model that focuses on critical e-procurement components in order to solve the issues concerning inter-operability in Europe.

An Access Point is a software service that provides registered users the possibility to send or receive standard messages such as invoices and purchase orders via PEPPOL. mySupply is an Access Point supplier and offers communications services to users of the PEPPOL framework.

PEPPOL standards

The PEPPOL standards are to be used for electronic purchase orders and invoice messages (optional with regard to dispatch and advisory notes), which must be exchanged via PEPPOL Access Points. Registration at the Department of Health’s SMP is mandatory for NHS bodies and recommended for suppliers. Several governments across Europe have already introduced PEPPOL as the standard for e-procurement.

Extensive experience with PEPPOL

As we are a certified PEPPOL Access Point supplier, mySupply can ensure that you will be able to quickly take advantage of the benefits and exchange invoices without manual intervention. mySupply is a leading Danish supplier of Danish e-commerce in the public and private sector, and we handle support and maintenance for the entire infrastructure on behalf of the Danish Agency for Digitisation. We are deeply involved in the development of the OIOUBL invoice as well as establishing standards for e-commerce in the Nordic countries (NES) and the EU (PEPPOL).

In Denmark, we have many years’ experience helping the health care sector and the entire public sector exchange PEPPOL orders and invoices.


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Cyber Essentials

We have been awarded the Cyber Essentials certification, which is part of the English government’s national cyber security strategy. This is our proof that we meet the requirements for IT security.


Air Liquide Denmark A/S

Air Liquide uses the mySupply VAX 360 exchange application to handle all document conversions and integration with the NemHandel and PEPPOL infrastructure, VAN operators and to send documents directly to individual customers in PDF format or by e-mail. PDF documents are sent to customers that are not able to receive electronic invoices. Invoices that cannot be sent electronically or as PDFs are sent to customers by regular mail by a print operator. Air Liquide exchanges approximately 200,000 documents each year. Read the full case…


Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark is one of Denmark’s five administrative regions. One of its main areas of responsibility are hospitals and health care. The contract includes full project implementation and the ongoing exchange of documents through the use of the Danish NemHandel infrastructure for Danish customers and suppliers and the PEPPOL infrastructure for foreign suppliers. The NemHandel and PEPPOL infrastructure, as well as the documents used, are similar because they are based on the UBL standard. The solution covers all incoming invoices, credit notes and supply specifications as well as all outgoing orders, order responses, invoices and credit notes. The solution exchanges approximately 1.3 million documents a year and is integrated with the region’s accounting, logistics and health care systems. The first rollout took place in 2005 when the Danish state introduced the OIOXML invoice, and the solution was upgraded in 2011 when the state switched to OIOUBL and the NemHandel infrastructure. In 2015, the system was connected to the PEPPOL infrastructure. Read the full case…



Biotronik uses mySupply’s VAX 360 exchange application to handle all document conversions and integration with the NemHandel and PEPPOL infrastructure as well as various VAN operators. During the first phase, it was used to receive orders and issue invoices to Danish customers, primarily hospitals, using the OIOUBL standard and NemHandel infrastructure. In the second phase, it was used to exchange documents with Norwegian customers in the EHF format using the PEPPOL infrastructure. In the third phase, we began to exchange documents with Swedish and Finnish customers using the SveFaktura, SveOrder and TEAPPSXML formats using various VAN operators and the PEPPOL infrastructure. Read the full case…