MobilePay Invoice Integration

MobilePay Invoice is an easy and simple invoice solution, where you can quickly send invoices to your customers.

Easy and Quick Payment of Invoices

With MobilePay Invoice, you can easily send invoices to your customers directly in the MobilePay app, and your customers can pay various invoices quickly with a single swipe.

Offer Your Customers an Easy Payment Option

If you use MobilePay Invoice to send invoices, your customers will avoid the hassle of finding the invoice again or entering all payment information each time when paying. This means that paying invoices is faster and easier.

It also means you can reduce the time from sending invoices to receiving payments, ultimately resulting in improved cash position. You can make it easier for your customers to pay and get the money faster.

Here’s how other companies use MobilePay Invoice:

How Do You Send Invoices with MobilePay Invoice?

MobilePay Invoice can work with your existing accounting system with the help from our integration solution VAX 360, and in addition, your company must have an agreement with MobilePay.

Do the following when sending invoices with MobilePay Invoice:

  1. Enter the customer’s name and mobile number.
  2. Send the invoice through MobilePay Invoice (EAN/GLN 5790002308499).
  3. The invoice is validated while mySupply checks whether all the information is correct.
  4. The customer receives a message when the invoice has been received.
  5. The customer approves and subsequently pays the invoice by swiping.
  6. The invoice amount must not exceed DKK 10,000 per day.
Read more about VAX 360 See MobilePay Invoice implementation guide

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