Send invoices with MobilePay Invoice

MobilePay Invoice is an invoicing solution that enables you to send invoices directly to your customers.

What is MobilePay Invoice?

With MobilePay Invoice, you can send invoices to your customers directly in MobilePay. Your customers can then pay these invoices with a single swipe, and they do not need to enter payment details every time they pay an invoice.

This means that you can reduce the time between issuing an invoice to receiving payment for it, resulting in improved liquidity.

With MobilePay Invoice, your customers are spared the hassle of finding your invoice in their inbox and entering all the payment details every time they have to make a new payment.

It makes paying an invoice easier and simpler.


Mobile Pay Invoice mySupply Elektronisk Fakturering

Send your MobilePay Invoice

– Easy and simple payment method

  1. Enter the customer’s name and mobile number
  2. Send the invoice via MobilePay Invoice (EAN/GLN 5790002308499)
  3. The invoice is then validated, and we check that all the information is correct
  4. The customer gets a notification when the invoice has been received in MobilePay
  5. The customer approves and pays the invoice with a swipe
  6. The invoiced amount may not exceed DKK 10,000


How to get started

  1. mySupply has integration with MobilePay Invoice with VAX 360.
  2. Your company must have a MobilePay Invoice agreement.


Get started right away


See implementation guide (UK)

Watch a video about invoicing with MobilePay