Do you need to send or receive an electronic invoice or order?

Would you like to get started with electronic invoicing in Denmark? And are you ready to send electronic business documents directly from your accounting system?

Digital transformation of your company’s business processes is one of the most effective tools of the future to streamline, optimise and reduce costs. Studies show that you can achieve savings of DKK 500 per invoice if the entire process is integrated into the business system and staff do not have to process these documents manually.

We know how to go about it and what it results in for your business.

1. Up and running quickly

Once you have made the decision, we just need a few days to get you up and running, and we are naturally available for advice and support should you need it.

2. Scalability

You get a flexible and scalable solution that provides you with full transparency and insight. The fact that the solution can keep up with developments as needs change ensures robustness.

3. Value for you and your customers

You get immediate results in terms of cost and time savings. Say goodbye to manual processes, lost invoices, delayed payments and duplicated work.


Yes please, help me get started with electronic invoicing


Electronic invoicing for all public sector organisations and private businesses

Both public sector organisations and private businesses can achieve full utilisation of the possibilities for exchanging electronic business documents.

Most finance systems support the OIOUBL standard, and it is easy to automate and streamline electronic business processes, thereby allowing you to minimise the time you spend on such documents.

Did you know ...

... that as a supplier to the Danish public sector, you must as a minimum be able to send OIOUBL invoices and credit memos?

I need to exchange documents with businesses or organisations abroad

It is not only in Denmark that you can send and receive electronic invoices. If you have customers/suppliers in another country, you can also exchange such documents with them.

International invoicing

I want to know more

If you want to know more about electronic invoicing in Denmark, we are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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