e-Boks - HR department’s safest dialogue channel

Your HR department can benefit from bypassing the relatively stressed and insecure email by choosing e-Boks as the direct communication channel for your employees.

The HR department’s safest dialogue channel for one or many

By sending important work-related documents through e-Boks, the communication is securely and specifically delivered to the appropriate employee. With mySupply’s integration solution you can use e-Boks as a secure communication channel, and it is possible to communicate with many at once or specifically with the individual employee.

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Which documents are relevant to send through e-Boks?

Daily HR departments handle a variety of different documents regarding conditions of employment, confidentiality or sensitive personal data. These documents are relevant for sending and storing in e-Boks. For instance, if you send an employment contract to your employee, you can request that you need to have the contract signed return within five days. If your employee does not sign, you will receive a notification, and you must send out a reminder.

Documents that are relevant to send through e-Boks

  • Uniformise rejection for people who have applied for a job.
  • Changes in conditions of employment that needs to be documented or notified regarding retirement.
  • Appointments for transferring vacation to next vacation year
  • It can be particular security policies that need to be emphasised towards the employees that must be acknowledged. If you request a return receipt from e-Boks, the document becomes legal, which you may need later on.
  • Letters of appointment that are confidential, which your employee must sign.
  • Letters of resignation, which must be handled professionally and confidentially.
  • Competition clauses
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Personnel policies

You need to be aware of

the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), which became effective in May 2018, in which higher demands are required on the security of transport of sensitive personal data. mySupply’s integration with e-Boks gives your HR department a platform with the possibility of dialogue, orderliness in your document exchange, and secure digital transport and storage.

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