e-Boks as a communication platform

Has your HR department experienced the return of important mails containing confidential information with an error message, because your employees have not been notified about changing their email address?

Integrate your systems with e-Boks and replace the email

It is a comprehensive and resource demanding job for the HR department to continuously update the employees’ email addresses. Replace your email inbox with mySupply’s integration to e-Boks. The HR department has the personal identification numbers in the personnel files so that you transfer the personally identifiable data in a closed and secure system.

Targeted and resource saving communication with receipt

It pays off when using e-Boks as the HR department’s communication channel, because you can request a return receipt if the document is an employment contract. For example, you can submit a non-disclosure agreement and indicate in the document that it must be signed.

If it is not signed, the system can be set up to notify you so you can send a reminder. When the document is signed, you will receive a receipt. With e-Boks the document flow will be more efficient, and your HR department can free up resources for other tasks.

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Minimise the risk of errors with an automated and secure system

The security can fail with manual processes, especially if an HR employee is interrupted in the middle of a scan of paper documents. Perhaps you have experienced that confidential documents were left behind near the printer?

Send your company mail and document exchange through e-Boks, because

  • all your important mail is gathered in one place in a closed system
  • high security and confidentiality requirements are followed
  • the right to be forgotten can be respected e.g. if a person has applied for a job and is refused
  • no risk of leaving confidential paper documents publicly available
  • the system automatically notifies unread documents after a period of time
  • you can ask for receipts.

mySupply’s integration with e-Boks is a resource saving and future proof solution for your company.

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