Next Generation of Digital Post

A new solution for handling the Danish officials’ digital post is introduced. The solution will be replacing e-Boks, which up until this point has been functioning as the Danish authorities’ communications platform with its citizens.

From November 2021, a new solution for handling the Danish officials’ digital post is introduced. The solution will be replacing e-Boks, which up until this point has been functioning as the Danish authorities’ communications platform with its citizens. The purpose is to ensure a compliant IT solution, which is simplified in its structure and easily adaptable in the future.

Why a New Digital Post Solution?

The purpose of the new Digital Post solution is to develop a simple and up-to-date solution. A modern solution, which can strengthen the collaboration between public solutions, while also increasing the usability for citizens and companies, and thereby, offer a simpler administration of the solution. The focus of usability has resulted in citizens and companies continuously having been brought into the development of the solution.

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Opportunities with Next Generation Digital Post

  • Better overview of the post: Both for the “sending authority” and the “responsible authority”.
  • Easier to send post to the public authorities: Expanded search options for the identification of the authorities, which are the audience.
  • Better overview of correspondences: Messages can be linked, which creates a better overview of the interaction.
  • Viewing appendixes becomes more manageable: More options to view appendixes.
  • Access and read the post on new apps: Apps are being created for receiving post from the authorities from and

In relation to this, there are several demands that both public and private companies must adhere to.

Demands for the Authorities
The Sender-system

As the new solutions goes live, senders must be especially attentive to the fact that their systems should be pointing to the new Digital Post solution. However, there will be an overlapping period of two years (until November 2023), where it is possible to send in the current formats.

Furthermore, the sender-system should be able to support the new messaging format, MeMo, at the latest, two years after go-live. They should also be able to use the new interfaces for the contact structure. There will be the same legal requirements on size to send post, as there is today.

The Recipient-system

Likewise for the recipients, they must be attentive to their systems pointing towards the new Digital Post solution and upgrade to be able to receive post in this new messaging format, MeMo, from November 2021. All post related to public assignments must be collected, and the authorities must store the post in their own systems. It is a requirement that minimum one recipient-system is able to receive digital post of up to 99,5 mb. Furthermore, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen highly recommends that an authority has the least number of recipient-systems integrated to the new Digital Post solution as possible. This is to ensure a simpler public IT-infrastructure.

This means that a new format for sending and receiving messages is being introduced, which is named MeMo. MeMo is an abbreviation of the new messaging model. This format offers a better handling of responses, actions and classifications of content or addressing to the recipient.

  • The authorities are today on different levels in relation to the use of the Digital Post solution and have different wants and needs. The new messaging format will be handling different user-scenarios.
  • The data standard provides the recipient with better options for acting on the sent messages.
  • The messages will to a much higher degree be influenced by data about the messages (metadata) and structured data, which can support the recipient’s handling of and interaction with the sent messages.

It is therefore encouraged to use structured data, which gives the opportunity for combining a stringent structure, which supports validation and unidirectional interpretation of data, along with more flexible attention.

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