Digital Post Integration

With mySupply’s VAX 360 integration solution for Digital Post, you can confidentially, securely and easily send documents to authorities, citizens and companies. This solution will save time, money and resources.

Replace Regular Mail with Digital Post

Digital Post is a communication infrastructure for communication between authorities and citizens or companies. mySupply’s VAX 360 is integrated with Digital Post for easy and secure sending of documents.

In order to use this integration solution, it requires an agreement with e-Boks A/S, which provides the Digital Post service. This form of communication is often cheaper than physical letters, because the messages arrive in real time.

How Does Digital Post Work with VAX 360?

For instance, in VAX 360 we can convert an OIOUBL invoice from your ERP-system to PDF format and send it automatically to citizens, companies or associations. This is done in the following way: the invoice is created in your ERP-system as an OIOUBL invoice, after which VAX Integrator converts and styles it to your invoice layout and sends it confidentially and securely to Digital Post.

Depending on how the system is setup, VAX Integrator will always send the document directly to citizens, companies or associations through Digital Post. If, in rare cases, the recipient cannot receive through Digital Post, the document can be sent to either a local print solution or remote print, after which it is sent by ordinary mail.

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Advantages of Using Digital Post

There are many advantages to using Digital Post instead of ordinary mail:

  • Exchange of documents takes place in a securely and confidentially system
  • The document arrives safely and immediately to the recipient
  • Less print, paper and postage costs
  • Less manual processes
  • Saves the environment through resource minimisation
  • Better opportunity to comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

Take Advantage of the Digital Potential

Numbers indicates that more and more letters are sent digitally. Thus, there is a great potential for increasing this through Digital Post, where money can be saved, while the workflows can be optimized.

mySupply helps identifying the areas in your business, where the effort on mail and Digital Post can advantageously be increased and optimized.

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