Advisory services

Ever since mySupply was established in 2000, we have specialised in advising our customers on e-commerce solutions. We develop standard solutions for e-commerce, NemHandel, PEPPOL and integration as well as implement SAP procurement and catalog solutions.

Development of e-commerce concepts

We advise on and actively participate in the development of standards for e-commerce in Denmark as well as the Nordic countries (NES) and the EU (OpenPEPPOL). Additionally, we have played a key role in the development of both the electronic invoice (OIOUBL) and the Danish NemHandel concept. We advise various public authorities and are responsible for nationwide maintenance and support of the entire NemHandel infrastructure in Denmark on behalf of the Agency for Digitisation.

Electronic procurement

We are experts in advising on and using electronic catalogs, organising electronic catalogs and catalog standards. We have implemented procurement and catalog solutions for many companies and public authorities. We know what tools can be used to optimise electronic procurement and adapt business processes to the new possibilities this results in.

Experience and expertise

By working with mySupply, you get access to extensive and in-depth expertise and experience in the use of the different standards for e-commerce documents – including the electronic invoice formats OIOXML and OIOUBL – and the use of other electronic documents such as orders, order confirmations, payment reminders, credit memos, etc.