Electronic invoicing in Denmark

Electronic invoicing in Denmark takes place through NemHandel It includes the exchange of orders, invoices and catalogs among public sector authorities and privately owned businesses – regardless of their size and industry.

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Electronic invoicing in Europe

mySupply VAX 360 elektronisk fakturering NemHandel PEPPOL VANS

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is essentially the Europe-wide version of NemHandel. It is an exchange service for electronic documents such as orders, invoices and catalogs among enterprises throughout Europe.

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mySupply has in collaboration with SAP® developed an e-commerce solution that fulfils NemHandel requirements and makes it easier for private and public sector SAP customers to trade electronically because the solution makes it possible to convert data to and from the SAP and NemHandel systems.

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Other Solutions


In addition to the solutions mySupply offers within NemHandel, PEPPOL and SAP eCommerce in connection with e-commerce, we have developed other solutions that can be implemented as add-on applications or simply purchased as additional features for your company’s NemHandel or procurement solution.

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Advisory and Consultancy Services

mySupply is specialised in advising customers on all business processes pertaining to integration, document exchange, electronic invoicing and trade as well as procurement and catalog solutions. We would be happy to assist you with our professional insight as needed.

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Electronic invoicing VAX 360 (Cloud)


VAX 360 (Cloud) is a modern and future-proof integration solution that fulfils all the requirements for simple and automatic exchange of electronic documents via NemHandel, PEPPOL and other forms of communication. It fulfils the rules for handling of personal, legal and technical security requirements.

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Electronic VAX 360 (Server)

mySupply VAX 360 elektronisk fakturering NemHandel PEPPOL VANS

VAX 360 (Server) is a standardized integration solution that can form the framework for a coherent integration and communication platform in a company or public sector organisation.

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