VikingGenetics is one of the biggest, world-leading, farmer-owned cattle breeding associations in the world, every year investing large sums of money in research and development. VikingGenetics uses the latest technology, including genomic selection and the gender sorting of sperm. VikingGenetics has an effective breeding programme and every year examines the progeny of 450 bulls belonging to the VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey dairy breeds. VikingGenetics also provides seed from 16 breeds of individually-tested meat cattle bulls. VikingGenetics is owned by VikingDanmark, FABA in Finland and Växa in Sweden and its members number approximately 30,000 cattle farmers.


VikingGenetics had introduced a new workflow system for receiving and processing electronic invoices from Danish suppliers. They wanted a similar solution for the Finnish company, but there were problems with receiving and processing the Finnish invoice format, Finvoice.


VikingGenetics chose to use VAX 360 to tackle the issue. A conversion from the Finnish Finvoice invoice format to the Danish OIOUBL format was developed, which the workflow system could better handle. The electronic invoices from Finnish suppliers are received centrally by the Finnish company, after which they are transferred to VAX 360. VAX 360 converts the invoices from the Finvoice format to the Danish OIOUBL format. It is then loaded into the workflow system.

What the customer says

We faced major challenges when handling the Finnish Finvoice format. mySupply and their VAX 360 helped us establish a conversion solution, so we could process invoices in our workflow system in the same way we process Danish invoices. mySupply was a huge help to us and they took responsibility for tackling the project, so we felt we were in safe hands. We have absolutely no doubts that this was the right choice.

Martin Søndergaard - VikingGenetics

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