The Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark is one of five regions in Denmark, and one of the most important tasks are hospitals and health care. The solution of Region of Southern Denmark covers all inbound invoices, credit notes and utility specification (UTS) and all outgoing orders, order confirmations, invoices and credit notes.

The Region of Southern Denmark exchanges approx. 1.3 million. electronic documents via NemHandel with Danish customers and suppliers as well as PEPPOL infrastructure for foreign suppliers.

The accounting system of Region of Southern Denmark is integrated with 34 external specialized systems and logistics systems to exchange invoices, orders and other business documents. The region decided to use mySupply’s integration platform for integration of all systems with conversions between various system specific document formats to Axapta format and OIOUBL/PEPPOL for orders and invoices.

The Region of Southern Denmark can monitor the exchange of electronic documents – particularly time-critical orders, in order to save a great deal of time and money.

Incoming documents are distributed directly to the user in the accounting system or logistics systems. From the integration platform the Region can see the entire process for both the sent and received documents, and no documents are lost or forgotten.

All received documents are validated by rules on document standards. If they are not valid they are automatically rejected or returned to the sender with an error message. This has resulted in very few errors and no manual work. As a result of the solution, we see that The Region of Southern Denmark  are making money solely by managing the liquidity, because invoices are more likely to be paid before the due date.

In the purchasing process, we experience fewer delivery errors and return orders for suppliers that use catalogs and electronic orders.

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