Dagrofa FoodService

Dagrofa FoodService is a leading supplier to Denmark’s foodservice sector. Their unique format portfolio enables them to service all types of food service clients in Denmark, providing unique food solutions, with a particular focus on fresh products and a high level of service. Dagrofa FoodService also offers its staff a great workplace, and is a strong partner for its suppliers and other partners.

They have specialist meat, cheese and fruit and vegetable companies, providing the market’s most extensive and strongest ranges within these categories. They have in-depth knowledge of their clients’ needs and cooperate closely with suppliers both in Denmark and abroad.


Dagrofa FoodService faced the challenge of having to become an independently-functioning group within the Dagrofa group. That meant, for example, that existing IT solutions, including sending and receiving electronic orders and invoices, had to be adapted to the new conditions.

Dagrofa FoodService uses both EDIFACT and OIOUBL, alongside several operators and solutions in the area. The individual companies in the group also use various ERP solutions. They wanted to optimise and streamline the exchange of the countless different formats via multiple operators, and standardise interfaces for the various ERP systems.

Given how important it is for orders and invoices to be delivered punctually to certain suppliers and customers, a real-time overview of the processing and delivery of the documents was called for.

Dagrofa Foodservice chose to enter into cooperation with mySupply to tackle the task.


A joint solution was established, based on mySupply’s VAX Integrator platform. The solution was configured to handle both EDIFACT and OIOUBL documents.

To standardise interfaces for the various ERP systems, an order and invoice format was developed based on the upcoming CEN standard used in the international Peppol platform. This format is implemented in the respective ERP systems. In VAX Integrator, depending on the wishes of the individual recipient, this format is converted to OIOUBL or EDIFACT. If the recipient cannot receive electronic documents, the document is converted to PDF and sent via email.

At the same time, the ERP systems are connected to the document archive in VAX Integrator, so that all documents that are sent and received get filed in it.

In addition, a monitor was developed that continuously scrutinises incoming and outgoing documents, so that an overview of the status of documents that are sent and received and sent is constantly available.

What the customer says

Given their extensive expertise with both EDIFACT and OIOUBL, mySupply was an excellent business partner. They provided good advice and guidance about possible solutions, delivering them to our complete satisfaction.

mySupply was also extremely helpful in our discussions with customers and suppliers about the transition to the new setup.

We have now streamlined our business processes and established a coherent platform, which we can optimise and refine across the various group companies and ERP systems.

Dagrofa FoodService has used the VAX platform for exchanging electronic documents for many years. All our companies are attached to the service, and a large number of our customers and suppliers make use of NemHandel. We have a good overview of our outstanding issues, since we can quickly see whether our business partners have received and paid their bills.

René Hornslev - Dagrofa FoodService

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