Amgros is owned by Denmark’s five regions. The company’s principal task is to ensure that Denmark’s public hospitals always have the necessary medicines available, and always purchased at a good price. In Denmark, the company is at the forefront when it comes to the supply and purchase of medicines and hearing aids for the public health system. In addition to supply and procurement, Amgros develops complex IT systems, which rationalise and simplify all parts of the process, in terms of communication and cooperation, purchase management, storage and distribution of medicines.


The solution is a new generation of process optimisation, including a restrictive validation, which takes into account the commercial requirements the regions have stipulated for hearing clinics. The hearing clinic in charge of shipment must comply with the stricter requirements for invoice content. In the event that this is not the case, and the restrictive validation fails, an application receipt is created describing the cause of the error. This application receipt is sent automatically to the hearing clinic that shipped the items. If no sender email address has been specified in the original document, this triggers an investigation into, and of the documents to find the email address and/or sender ID. If none of the above options are available, the application receipt is automatically sent to Amgros. The rejected documents will be visible in the VAX Integrator user interface, so it is possible to see the reason for the rejection.

What the customer says

The VAX Integrator Document Firewall ensures that the quality assurance of the electronic documents is top notch. Our company-specific validation guarantees that the invoice contains the information stipulated in our own business regulations. Thereby, invalid documents get stopped before they enter the system. An automatic return message is sent to the hearing clinic, so error handling becomes the responsibility of the clinic in question. We have gained total control of the invoices we receive.

Anette Dyhrberg, Director, Finance and Management Support - Amgros

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