Air Liquide

Air Liquide is a world-leading, multinational company specialising in gases, technology and services for industry and the healthcare sector. The company exchanges electronic invoices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and makes good use of the enhanced optimisation and countless other benefits that electronic billing provides. The company has clients all over the world, and it is vital to be able to exchange electronic business documents with them. Their clients include small- to medium-scale operating companies and public organisations.

Highly efficient solution for e-invoicing and distribution via print and email

Air Liquide aims to be cost-effective in both sales and purchasing processes. The company uses mySupply and VAX 360 to cover all conversions of documents and integration into the NemHandel and Peppol infrastructure and several VANS operators. Some clients, who are unable to receive an electronic document, receive their invoices in PDF format via email. Invoices, which cannot be sent electronically or as PDFs, are distributed to clients by a print operator in the form of regular post.

The solution is used for outgoing documents (invoices and credit notes) for clients in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). Electronic invoices are delivered in accordance with national regulations (OIOUBL in Denmark, EHF in Norway, Svefaktura in Sweden, TEAPPSXML in Finland and Peppol BIS for cross-border invoicing). PDF invoices are produced in the client’s own language and distributed via email. Printed invoices are prepared in national languages and distributed by regular post.

mySupply receives three different internal documents (SAP IDOC) for each invoice to be sent. mySupply receives the invoice, an attachment and a technical document for each invoice. mySupply devised a solution, in which the information from the three different documents is combined and converted into the correct format for the client.

For OIOUBL, EHF and Peppol BIS, the document is embedded as an attachment. Depending on the customer’s country, mySupply translates the document into the local language.

Benefit and development

Air Liquide has already saved a great deal of time and money. The company is working on expanding the solution to include incoming invoices from NemHandel and Peppol from suppliers in the Nordic countries. Air Liquide works with their clients’ best interests at heart and is always mindful of choosing flexible solutions to help them.

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