10-4 Construction Center and Timber Trade

10-4 is a traditional timber trade that has existed since 1947. The company has physical facilities in Ringkøbing, Ulfborg, Varde, Viborg, Videbæk and Aarhus. In addition, the company runs one of Denmark's largest webshops on www.10-4.dk. The company also has 3 outlets that work under the name Knock-Outlet. 10-4 exchanges approximately 75,000 invoices annually.

The challenge

Focusing on reducing time and costs associated with the billing process, 10-4 has made great efforts to exploit the potential of sending and receiving electronic business documents. The company has also introduced a workflow system for approval of received invoices to replace the manual business processes with direct entry into the financial system. However, 10-4 experienced different challenges with the quality of the received electronic invoices coming in different formats (OIOUBL, EDIFACT) and from different operators. In comparison with poor transparency and traceability, there was room for improvement.


10-4 entered into cooperation with mySupply to establish a coherent solution, where both traditional EDIFACT documents and OIOUBL documents could be handled electronically via mySupply’s VAX 360 solution. A solution that receives documents directly from the suppliers via NemHandel, BygE or VANS operators. Whether received documents can not be processed directly, they are converted and subsequently loaded into the workflow system to be approved and processed before the invoices are recorded in the financial system. mySupply also has developed a special presentation of the electronic invoice.


Except some difficulties in the initial phase, we now have a solution where everything is done electronically. The solution works for all our departments and stores, so we have achieved great efficiency.

“We’ve got a solution where the quality of received invoices is now in the top. Errors are captured before they get into our workflow, and we have the transparency and traceability that save us time and money. We do not spend time correcting. VAX 360 captures all errors in invoices and we’ve got a better billing basis from our suppliers. We can now process invoices easily and quickly through our workflow system,” Leif Lysgaard says.

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