Networks and systems

VAX 360 collaborates with a wide range of networks, platforms and workflow systems.

Integrate with various networks and systems

VAX 360 can be integrated into different networks and systems when exchanging electronic documents. You can therefore use VAX 360 to easily and securely send e-invoices, e-orders and many other documents through NemHandel, Peppol, e-Boks, Digital Post and many more.

Platforms and networks in VAX 360

VAX 360 integration model


NemHandel is the Danish standard for the exchange of electronic documents. This makes it easy for companies to send and receive electronic business documents securely through the Internet.

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Quite simply, Peppol is the international version of NemHandel. It involves the electronic document exchange of orders, invoices and catalogues among companies worldwide.

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VANS is a communication network that distributes electronic documents. The basis of the exchange is the submission of your documents to a provider, who then distributes the documents to the appropriate recipients. The VANS network is generally used for exchanging EDIFACT, X12, X400 and other text-based document formats. VAX 360 has integration into the VANS network in Denmark and into a number of foreign VANS providers and networks.


e-Boks is a secure communication infrastructure for communication between companies or between companies and citizens.

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Digital Post

Digital Post is a communication infrastructure for communication between authorities and citizens or companies.

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All private citizens and companies have a NemKonto account, to which public payments can be made. NemKonto can also be used by private companies for payment directly via the NemKonto system.

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MobilePay Invoice

MobilePay Invoice enables you to send invoices to your customers directly in MobilePay. Your customers can pay bills with a single swipe.

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Integrations to workflow systems

VAX 360 collaborates with a number of online workflow providers.

You can exchange electronic documents, and there is the option of integration with both internal and external registers and systems. System integrations provide a smooth interconnection of company systems, maximising the yield and automation of your workflows.

There is integration to:

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