VAX 360 contains several connectors so that the solution can communicate with different infrastructures.

Send e-documents via multiple channels

VAX 360 has interfaces/connectors to and from a variety of infrastructures, enabling the exchange of electronic documents via multiple channels. Connectors are interfaces to and from VAX 360.

Connectors in VAX 360

VAX Transfer

VAX Transfer is a standard integration component for VAX 360. It is a user-installed service that can exchange documents with VAX 360 in an encrypted format. VAX Transfer can be configured to send outgoing documents from file folders, while saving retrieved documents in file folders.


Documents can be exchanged via the FTP, SFTP or FTP(s) protocol. VAX 360 can send documents to the servers and retrieve documents from these servers.


The email connector is used to send electronic documents that have been received in HTML format. They can be sent to a standard email address or to an email address in the processed document. Generally, the connector is used if you wish to send an electronic invoice as an HTML or PDF document. The email connector is also used to send status messages in HTML format.

Directory Connector

A directory connector is a common file folder or directory. Generally, the connector is used when exchanging documents via the SFTP or FTP protocol.


There is the option of using web services both to send and to receive. However, the application requires special setup and must be agreed separately for proper setup.


There is the option of converting electronic documents to HTML format and printing them on a local printer. This is often used for handling documents where no interface is required for the ERP-system. Print can also be sent to print operator for printing, enveloping and shipping.

Message Queues

Documents can be exchanged via the MS Message Queues function, enabling applications running at different times to communicate across networks and systems. Message Queuing provides guaranteed delivery of messages, efficient routing and security.

Do you need other integrations?

If you need special integrations or need to sort documents, you have the option of purchasing customised solutions.

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