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Send and receive e-invoices and other electronic documents securely and easily. VAX 360 is the perfect professional integration solution for automated e-document exchange through NemHandel, Peppol, VANS, e-Boks and Digital Post, to name but a few.

VAX (Value Added eXchange) 360 is a cloud-based (also available as a server version) integration solution and platform for e-invoicing and electronic document exchange. It can be integrated with various internal and external systems as well as networks in Denmark and abroad. VAX 360 can handle everything from simple to complex integration tasks, and allows you to process your documents in a single location.

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Features of VAX 360

VAX 360 has a number of features that make the solution easy to adapt to your company, whether you are sending your very first invoice or already have extensive experience with electronic document exchange.

Profiles and Documents

VAX 360 supports all OIOUBL and Peppol profiles that are part of an electronic trading process, as well as all types of documents, such as catalogues, orders, order confirmation, invoice, credit note, reminder and supply specification.


VAX 360 has interfaces/connectors to and from a variety of infrastructures, enabling the exchange of electronic documents via multiple channels.

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Conversion between Countless Document Formats

VAX 360 has a built-in conversion module with a wide range of standard and system-specific conversions. A conversion is a technical transformation from one document format to another. That means that VAX can convert a wide variety of document formats.

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The Number of Documents Adapted to Your Needs

Depending on how many electronic documents you need to exchange, VAX 360 evolves with you.

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Validation of Documents

VAX 360 validation ensures that potential errors and defects are detected, so the documents always comply with applicable legislative standards. Invalid documents from your own ERP-system will be detained prior to dispatch, and invalid documents that are received will be rejected in the context of submission attempts.

Status Message

You always receive an automatically generated email if a document fails. You also have the option of receiving a status message as an XML file with information about electronic documents that have been sent.


VAX 360 is equipped with a role-management module that makes it possible to adapt the solution to employee level. Different roles can thus be created for other employees who also need access to VAX 360.

A Professional Solution for e-Invoicing

Regardless of whether your company is small or large, national or global, private or public, you can use VAX 360 to exchange electronic invoices, credit notes, reminders, orders, order confirmations, UTSs, and other business-related documents. The integration solution is ideal for all companies, regardless of business system, industry or volume.

VAX 360 is a professional solution developed on the basis of many years of experience in the area of electronic invoicing.

  • Reduce the number of manual processes and improve efficiency
  • Send to suppliers and customers in Denmark and abroad
  • Monitor and track documents
  • Send and receive both simple and complex types of documents
  • Conversion between countless document formats.

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