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With our integration solution to Digital Post can you be sure that you can send messages that live up to the current standard. With VAX 360 Digital Post can you increase the efficiency while maintaining top security.

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From Match 21th, 2022 will there be a transition period of 1,5 year, so from November 2023 all public authorities must be sending Digital Post in the MeMo format. The same applies to all companies that want to send Digital Post. With our integration solution for Digital Post, can you be sure that you can send messages that live up to the standard. With VAX 360 Digital Post can you increase the efficiency while maintaining top security.

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Sending Digital Post

With us as your IT Supplier you get a solution there can be integrated to your company´s or authority´s sender system with Next Generation Digital Post. This applies both you who can create the required document formats yourself, and you who need help whit this. The new Digital Post solution uses the MeMo format, which is a more automated handling of messages than before. Therefore, can MeMo handle manu different applications.


Can you create the new message format yourself?

If your business systems can create the MeMo format, then can VAX 360 receive these through your preferred channel (sFTP, web service or VAX Transfer). Once the message has been created, it is verified in VAX 360 so you are assured that the message complies with the correct specifications before sending.

We can create your MeMo

If your business system not can create the MeMo format, then we can help you with the conversion. For this we need the PDF and some other informations about the receiver. Then the conversion takes place, so you in the end have a message in the MeMo format and are ready to be sent.

Should the message be printed?

Once the message has been converted to the correct format it is ready to be send digitally to the recipient or to a print supplier. If it is the last-mentioned we make a look-up in Digital Post Contact Register through Vax 360 to inquire if the recipient has been deprived of Digital Post.  If so, the recipient is verified and then the message is sent to the print supplier whom you have an agreement.

You as a public authority

Municipalities and municipally owned companies have the possibility of having a sender system that ensures the transmission of Digital Post through the Municipal Service Platform. In addition, VAX 360 can be integrated with the Municipal Service Platform, which contains information about the MeMo format and the selected print supplier. We converts the messages, so you can safely send digital post through the Municipal Service Platform.

You will be able to get a receipt from Digital Post when messages go through and if errors occur. You can also get a receipt from the print operator if the message is sent through that channel. VAX 360 is the only system your authority needs to be able to send, receive and distribute your messages. This ensures more efficient and secure document management.

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What should your solution live up to?

  • Must point to the new Digital Post solution.
  • However, there is a transition period of 1,5 year where you can send in current formats.
  • Must support the new message format (MeMo) no later than 1,5 year after launch.
  • Must use the new interfaces for the contact structure.
  • Same legal size restrictions for sending mail as today.
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Let us help you

mySupply has participated in the development of the MeMo format for the Agency for Digitization and thereby have in-dept knowledge. We are happy to advise about the design of MeMo and to identify the areas in your business where the efforts of a digital mailbox and Digital Post can increase and optimize. Contact us today and hear more about what we can contribute to your company.

mySupply´s VAX 360 integration gives you

  • Integration between Digital Post and your other systems.
  • Streamlined business process.
  • Automated and streamlined workflows.
  • Overview of your documents, shipments and receipts.
  • Archiving of documents in your own IT environment.
  • Notifications about concerts, validates, sends and receives your documents.
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