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With VAX 360 Digital Post Receiver System you get a solution where you can receive the company´s or authority´s messages that are in the MeMo format.

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From the end of the first quarter must all public authorities be ready to receiving of Digital Post in the MeMo format, where is used in the Next Generation Digital Post. Private companies there wants to receive electronic post through Digital Post can do so, but must be using the message format MeMo. The Agency for Digitisation have annonced that the solution will become effective from March 21th, 2022.

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Receiving of Digital Post

With a VAX 360 Digital Post Receiver System will you get a solution there can pick up the company’s or authority’s messages, if they are in MeMo format. VAX 360 can be integrated to your other systems from where the digital message can be send to. In the current solution messages can be forwarded to your company’s mailbox but this feature disappears with the launch of the new Digital Post solution. A Receiver System can pick up your digital messages and forwarded to your mail system. We provided a solution there can fulfill your needs.

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VAX 360 as your receiver system

As a public authority can VAX 360 be created as your receiver system to receiving of digital post messages. This means that all electronic messages will be loaded and validated in VAX 360 so they always complies with the current standards. The establishment takes place in Next Generation Digital Post Administrative.

Public authorities are responsible for receiving and distributing their own messages. It gives a condition that you have a receiver system where you can pick up, distribute and handle the digital messages. For many companies will the possibility for an intern solution to collect and distribute own mail be an advantage.

VAX 360 Digital Post gives huge flexibility related to where to and how the received electronic messages must be distributed. Based on available metadata can we in collaboration with you decide which messages should be sent to which subject systems, if some messages should be send to an e-mail or something third. Receiving of Digital Post should not be a challenge.

What must your solution fulfill?

There is a few requirements that you must fulfill. We can help you with design your solution.

  • Must point to the new Digital Post solution.
  • Must be upgraded to receive messages in the new message format (MeMo) at launch.
  • One of the receiver systems must be able to receive 99.5 mb.
  • One of the receiver systems must be a default system.
  • All messages must be picked up, and authorities must store the messages in their own systems.
  • At least one contact point must be created for each of the recipient systems that picked the authority-related messages.
  • Messages sent from one authority to another authority without specifying a contact point will be perceived as CVR mail and sent to the system specified to that system where is indicated to pick up company messages.
  • Same legal size restrictions for sending messages as today.
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Let us help you

mySupply has participated in the development of the MeMo format for the Agency for Digitization and thereby have in-dept knowledge. We are happy to advise about the design of MeMo and to identify the areas in your business where the efforts of a digital mailbox and Digital Post can increase and optimize. Contact us today and hear more about what we can contribute to your company. Receiving of Digital Post in an easy way.

mySupply´s VAX 360 integration gives you

  • Integration between Digital Post and your other systems.
  • Streamlined business process.
  • Automated and streamlined workflows.
  • Overview of your documents, shipments and receipts.
  • Archiving of documents in your own IT environment.
  • Notifications about concerts, validates, sends and receives your documents.
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