VAX 360 Digital Post

With VAX 360 Digital Post, you get a solution that makes it easy and secure to send and receive documents to authorities, citizens and companies. With the solution you can save time, money and resources.

From November 30th, 2021 a new solutions will be introduced for handling the public digital post in Denmark – called Next Generation Digital Post, abbreviated NgDP. The solution replace e-Boks, which until now have been the used for the public Denmark’s communication with citizens and companies. mySupply has played a significant role in this development, and therefore are you guaranteed a broad and deep expertise when you collaboration with us.

Replace regular post

Digital Post is Denmark’s digital postal system between authorities and companies or citizens. Digital Post is transitioning from e-Boks to a completely new solution, which is based on a more open platform and at the same time become available for other then e-Boks and there owners. This means that there overall will be two solution; e-Boks for messages for private companies and Next Generation Digital Post (NgDP) for messages to and from public companies, including whether documents are sent (Sender System) or received (Reciever System). mySupply’s VAX 360 are the solution for easy and secure sending and receiving documents for all three forms of integrations.

From November 30th 2021, Next Generation Digital Post will be mandatory for public authorities to receive Digital Post. Sending Digital Post will not be mandatory until November 30th 2023.

Digital Post

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Are you ready to receive digital post?

A Digital Post Receiver System are the integration between Digital Post and the public authorities systems. All public authorities must have one Receiver System connected but can have several. It is recommended that you maximum have five Receiver Systems connected, including four systems to public authoritites post and one system to company post.

Municipalities and municapally owned campanies have the opportunity to establish a Receiver System for receiving digital post via the Municipal Service Platform.

With VAX 360 Digital Post are you getting a solution there can receive digital messages from NgDP and can be integrated with your companies other systems e.g. via e-mail. VAX 360 can be adapted to your business processes.

Easy and secure sending of digital post

When Digital Post (NgDP) is launched November 30th 2021, the authorities must point to the new solution, which means that the messages must be sent in MeMo format. However until November 30th 2023 there is a transition period where the public authorities can send post in the current DP1 and DP2 format, which automatically is converted to MeMo. After the transition period the Sender System must use the new messages format.

Municipalities and municipally owned companies have the opportunities to have a Sender System that can send digital post via the Municipal Service Platform.

With VAX 360 Digital Post do you have a solution, there is integrated to your companies Sender System with Digital Post. This applies to both you, who can transform the new message format yourself, and you who need help. The solution verifies the message format (MeMo) so it can be sent to Digital Post. VAX 360 Digital Post supports all types of sender systems.

Are you a private company?

As a private company you can have a Receiver System like public authorities can. If such a solution is established, Digital Post will be delivered to the Receiver System and can then be integrated with the company’s other systems.

You can use the e-Boks-solution as before. With the integration from VAX 360 can you send documents confidentially and easily. e-Boks is a flexible platform for daily handling of your entire company’s digital documents. However, you should be aware that forwarding of digital post to the company’s e-mail does not exist in NgDP. Campany’s that have such a solution will be able to use a Receiver System to establish a similar solution.

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Leverage the digital potential

The figures show that more and more people are sending electronic post. There is a great potential for increasing the proportion of shipments where money can be saved, while at the same time the workflow can be optimized.

mySupply can help you identify the areas in your business where the effort around postal shipments and Digital Post can be increased and optimized with advance. Our consultants have a significant role in the development and therefore you are guaranteed a partner with great knowledge. Contact us today and hear more about what we can offer your company.

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