We have years of experience with the well-known SAP e-commerce solutions, such as SAP SRM and SAP SRM-MDM. mySupply is SAP PartnerEdge. In collaboration with SAP, we have developed an e-commerce solution for NemHandel.

SAP Danmark A/S is our provider and partner for e-commerce solutions.

mySupply has a great knowledge of SAP SRM and SAP SRM-MDM. In collaboration with SAP, we have developed an e-commerce solution that meets NemHandel requirements, making is easier for private and public SAP customers to trade together via NemHandel, because it is possible to convert data to and from SAP and the NemHandel system.

SAP e-commerce solutions


SAP SRM is a coherent platform for purchasing and integration between customers and suppliers. SAP SRM streamlines the processes between a company and its suppliers, and creates value in the purchasing and supply chain. SAP SRM helps to reduce a company’s costs by creating better transparency and an overview of suppliers, agreements and expenses.

Read more about SRM on the SAP website

PunchOut for SAP SRM

PunchOut for SAP SRM is an add-on application for the SAP SRM system, in which there is direct integration to a supplier’s online catalogue. PunchOut makes purchasing easy, since it is done via familiar systems. The PunchOut module uses the SAP OCI standard.


Master Data Management (MDM) is the electronic catalogue that is currently used in the SAP SRM solution. The catalogue is used by many companies to structure and consolidate company data, so the data collected is consistent from department to department. Central data management ensures good data quality, and the result provides an overview of customers, products, suppliers and employees. Furthermore, it is only necessary to maintain data in one location, which results in fewer data versions and no duplicates.

Read more about SRM-MDM on the SAP website

UBL Commerce for SAP ERP

UBL Commerce is an add-on component to the SAP ERP-system for NemHandel support. UBL Commerce for SAP ERP has been developed as a standard solution and contains a number of functions that can be configured so that the system can be customised to accommodate an individual company’s specific SAP ERP-setup.

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Read the press release about electronic invoicing using SAP’s NemHandel solution

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