SAP Fieldglass

With SAP Fieldglass, you get a Vendor Management System (VMS) which creates visibility in relation to your external workforce. Ensure an agile business structure with a future focused platform that can oversee the entire process.

Do You Know What Your External Workforce Is Costing You?

Do you know how much you spend on external resources? With SAP Fieldglass, you get an overview of your expenses. SAP Fieldglass is the world’s largest Vendor Management System (VMS), which can contribute to digitalizing your business’ processes. The solution allows you to cut costs, improve the work quality and become more efficient on the global market. With SAP Fieldglass, you get a management system that provides the right workforce for specific tasks.

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Increase Your Company’s Flexibility

Did you know that on average the internal workforce constitutes 58%, and the remaining 42% covers external resources? This means that companies today hire external workers far more frequently than prior. It is therefore more important than ever for companies to be flexible, which SAP Fieldglass provides the opportunity for.

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What Can SAP Fieldglass Do for Your Company?

  • Automatize the entire recruitment process.
  • Create visibility in relation to the external workforce.
  • Ensure that locale and national regulations are met.
  • Certify the company’s approach to hiring is forward thinking.
  • Ensure a streamlined onboarding and offboarding process.
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