Add-on Applications and Features

We have developed other solutions that can be implemented as add-on applications or simply purchased as extra features for your company’s NemHandel or purchasing solution.

Optimise, using our add-on applications and features

We offer add-on applications and features for managing information from the Central Business Register, converting XML to email or print, monitoring NemHandel and maintaining the NemHandel register.

Add-on Applications and Features

PartnerReg - Local CVR Register

mySupply has developed a system that is automatically updated with information from the Central Business Register (CVR). The system is called PartnerReg. It manages information from the CVR with information about companies’ names, addresses, industry codes, and CVR and P numbers.

XML for Mail or Print Tool

If you need to convert XML documents, say OIOUBL, to a styled version that can be emailed or printed, we have developed the XML2Mail and XML2Print systems. By default, the systems are configured for emailing or printing the OIOXML and OIOUBL format with the authorised style sheets from the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

NemHandel Monitor - 24/7 System Monitoring

NemHandel Monitor monitors the system’s availability around the clock. In order to receive documents via the NemHandel infrastructure, the system must be online all the time. To ensure this, you can subscribe to mySupply’s NemHandel Monitor.

The monitoring system calls the address (URL) of the NemHandel system with a built-in interval. If the system is not online, a message gets sent to a pre-defined email address.

Maintenance of the NemHandel Register

mySupply offers a solution, in which we maintain data in NemHandel Register for your company. It can be an advantage to have us take care of all the technical details in the NemHandel Register. We also maintain endpoints and receiver ID (EAN/GLN). mySupply also makes sure that fields for supported profiles are filled-out and maintained, so the sender always has an updated overview of the roles, profiles and standards your company supports.

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