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Privacy policy

Data Controller:
mySupply ApS 25894375
Peter Løths Vej 2
DK-9440 Aabybro

As Data Controller, mySupply ApS is obliged to protect your personal data and we make every effort to ensure you feel secure with our processing of your personal data. We process personal data about you in compliance with this Personal Data Policy and applicable legislation.

1 Personal data and its use

mySupply collects data about you in the following cases:

  • When you use our website we collect data about your IP address as well as in the form of cookies as outlined in our Cookie policy.
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter.
  • When you use our contact form.
  • When you use our price calculator.

If you are a customer, supplier or partner we process contact data, data on our transactions with the company you represent, as well as data that may otherwise be necessary to administer our commercial relations.

mySupply uses your personal data to provide the service in connection with which the data is collected. mySupply collects your data in order to adapt content and advertising and to analyse the traffic on our websites.

2 Disclosure of data

We may in some instances share the personal data about you that we process. Your personal data may, for example, be shared with: (i) providers we cooperate with in support of our business (for example, service providers, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions); or (ii) if this is required under applicable legislation or by court order.

Disclosure will take place to the extent, and to those parties, necessary for performing the service you request, for example, when you enter an agreement with us and in the context of shipping materials or comparable services that require that we use your data.

We share data about your use of our website with our trusted partners in social media, advertising and analysis. These partners are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Google AdWords as well as MailChimp if you subscribe to our newsletter.

3 How do we protect your personal data?

We have taken internal data security measures that contain instructions and precautions that protect personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure and against unauthorised parties gaining access to or knowledge of the data.

We have put in place procedures for allocating access privileges to those of our employees that process personal data.

We control their actual access with logging and monitoring. To avoid loss of data we regularly create a backup of our data set.

We regularly ensure that our IT equipment is updated and has appropriate security measures installed, including firewalls and virus protection.

In the event of a security breach that entails a high risk for the customer (discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, reputational risk or other significant disadvantage), we will notify the customer as soon as possible.

4 Updating, erasure and right to access your data

If you wish to see which data we process about you at mySupply ApS, you can contact us at or telephone +45 9696 1070.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to know which personal data about you we process. If this data should be incorrect or misleading you have the right to request that we rectify, block or delete this data. In addition, you can at any time object to the data on you being subject to further processing.

You can also at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button in the received newsletter.

You also have the option of complaining to the Danish Data Protection Agency who can be contacted at You can find more information on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website,

5 How long is your data stored?

mySupply ApS stores your data for as long as necessary to provide the service you requested, as long as necessary for a legitimate interest or for as long as is mandatory in accordance with legislation. Therefore, we regularly erase and anonymise your personal data when the purposes for which the data was collected no longer necessitate processing.

We store your personal data in Google Analytics for 26 months from your last use of our website, after which the data is automatically erased. Google Analytics automatically gives each user a unique ID, of which mySupply can only see an encrypted ID and thereby no personal data about the user.

For the use our contact form and price calculator, we regularly delete your personal data after we have provided the service you requested.

6 Amendments

It will be necessary to regularly update and amend this policy and mySupply retains therefore the right to amend or update this policy. In the event of significant amendments we will inform you by email.

Cookie policy

This cookie policy is based on the requirements of the Executive Order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment. The Executive Order contains a series of regulations regarding data about, and consent to, which cookies are stored on your computer.

When you visit this website, a range of data is collected about you, your computer and your actions on the website. In this cookie policy you can read in detail about the data we collect, how we process the data, what we use it for, who can access the data and who to contact regarding the collected data.

In visiting and using this website you consent to this cookie policy and the collection of data about you.

1 Cookies

When you visit this website you automatically receive one or more cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can click here: to see how to avoid receiving cookies and how to delete the cookies on your hard disc.

1.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser and is recognised by the website on a return visit and which makes it possible to show individualised information to your browser. A cookie may contain text, numbers or a date, for example, but there is no personal data stored in a cookie. It is not a program and it cannot contain a virus.

1.2 How long do we store cookies?

The cookies sent to you from this website will be stored at most for 26 months from the time of your last visit to the website. Each time you return to the website, this period is extended. The cookies in question are stored therefore for 26 months at most from the time of your last visit to our website.

1.3 How do I avoid cookies?

If you do not wish to receive cookies you can block all cookies, delete existing cookies from your computer or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. You can get more information on how to avoid cookies by clicking on this link:

The link contains a guide for the most commonly used browsers, though some may not be mentioned. As a rule, you can use the help feature in your browser to get more information on cookie settings. Usually you can do this by pressing F1 on your PC. Search for “cookies”.

1.4 What are cookies used for on our websites?

We use cookies to measure and analyse visitors to our website. In this way, we can tailor content and services to match your and other users’ interests and wishes. We also use cookies to create targeted marketing, for instance in the form of online advertising.

1.5 Cookies from our partners

In this section you will find an overview of which partners place cookies via our website and who have access to data gathered by cookies sent from our website.

Google Analytics and Google Ads (AdWords)

Cookies from Google are used for statistical purposes as well as re-marketing and marketing.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Social media cookies are used for re-marketing and general marketing.


Cookies are used, among other purposes, for information about your newsletter subscription, if you have initiated a new session and which website led you to our website.

These cookies are not used to register personal data unless you expressly consent to this.

Data may be shared with third parties in anonymised form for the purpose of targeted marketing and to obtain better knowledge about users of individual websites and the Danish market in general. Data may also be shared with third parties if this is demanded pursuant to regulatory requirements.

2 Contact information

If you require more information about this website and its use of cookies, you are welcome to contact us:

mySupply ApS 25894375
Peter Løths Vej 2
DK-9440 Aabybro
Tel.: 9696 1070