OIOUBL Schematron release new date

New date for OIOUBL Schematron

As previously reported, an error has been detected in the OIOUBL Schematron.

The error is triggered when the VAT is not entered correctly. That is, if the invoice or credit note has stated in the OIOUBL that the amount of the taxable goods (StandardRated) (TaxableAmount) is greater than 0, then the VAT amount must not be 0. The error message will read: [F-LIB381] Invalid VAT TaxAmount – When TaxCategory / ID are ‘StandardRated’ and TaxableAmount> 0 (1000.00) TaxAmount can not be ‘(0.00)’

This bug has been fixed with a hotfix on 05/11/22.

In connection with the hotfix, the Danish Business Authority has announced that the implementation of OIOUBL Schematron 1.12 will be postponed from 05/15/22 to 05/30/22. The postponement may have the consequence that some customers will experience document errors when sending or receiving. This is because the date of implementation now extends over a longer period, which is why there may be a difference in which schematron version the sender and recipient use.


Of course, we make sure to update the VAX 360 so that we comply with current validations at all times. If there are any questions, they can be directed to our support at e-mail support@mysupply.dk or tel. +45 9696 1070

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