OIOUBL Schematron release 1.12

New OIOUBL Schematron release

May 27th 2022

The Danish Business Authority has released the latest OIOUBL version 2.1 and the associated OIOUBL schematrones version 1.12. These will become law at May, 15th 2022. Overall, the purpose is to update the OIOUBL document standard so it ensures that the document standard comes closer to the Peppol standard, which currently uses the same UBL 2.1.

Update dd. 05/11/22

As written on 04/25/22, we discovered an error in the released Schematron 1.12 regarding incorrectly marked VAT, where it is not permitted to rate the standard VAT amount of DKK 0.00 if the VAT basis is higher than DKK 0.00. The Danish Business Authority has announced that this error will be corrected with a hotfix today, 05/11/22. Thus, you should have the latest version implemented.

Update dd. 05/11/22

In connection with the hotfix that was released yesterday on 05/11/22, the deadline for the implementation of OIOUBL Schematron has been postponed to 05/30/22 instead of 05/15/22. Therefore, we need to make our customers aware that it can potentially present challenges in relation to different OIOUBL Schematron versions on the receiving and sending side. For this reason, document errors may occur.

What does the schematron mean?

The Danish Business Authority has announced that the UBL form is a minor update. This means that it are still possible to send all OIOUBL documents in the same form as before, but they must be validated with the new forms. Everyone who receives OIOUBL documents must have updated to the latest version 2.1 and be ready to receive the documents in the latest version.

If you want to use some of the elements from the latest version 2.1, it is necessary to update the OIOUBL documents before sending (UBLVersionID = ”2.1″ and CustomizationID = ”OIOUBL-2.1”).

Changes to version 1.12 are:

  • Add “certificate” to OIOUBL invoices and credit notes.
  • Additions to currency code lists, memecodes, and endpoints.

Other conditions for UTS

The new update will be backwards compatible so that it will continue to be possible to send OIOUBL documents in the same form as before. However, there are other conditions for the OIOUBL UtilityStatement (UTS) document, which has always had its own form version with its own namespace, which it continues like this. This is not to break the backwards compatibility. Thus, the OIOUBL UtilityStatement document does not need to be validated with UBL 2.1, like the other OIOUBL documents.

Schematron error dd. 04/25/22

In connection with testing of the new Schematron version 1.12, we can state that there are two updates that may give errors in the future.

One error is triggered when the VAT is not entered correctly. That is, if you have stated in the OIOUBL invoice or credit note that there are VAT-liable items (StandardRated) and this amount (TaxableAmount) is greater than 0, then the VAT amount must not be 0. The error message will read: [F-LIB381] Invalid VAT TaxAmount – When TaxCategory / ID are ‘StandardRated’ and TaxableAmount> 0 (1000.00) TaxAmount can not be ‘(0.00)’

It should be mentioned, however, that this is not a tightening of the VAT rules, just a schematron validation for this.

The second error comes from changed categories for marketing sensitive personal information in FAQ 75. Personality category 3 has been deleted, and the value can thus only be 1, 2 or fail to write something down. The error message will read: [F-LIB335] When DocumentTypeCode equals ‘PersonalSecure’, the ID must be either ‘1’ or ‘2’


We make sure to update the VAX 360 so that we comply with current validations at all times. If there are any questions, they can be directed to our support at e-mail support@mysupply.dk or tel. +45 9696 1070

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