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February 28th, 2020

EESPA network

mySupply has become part of the EESPA network
EESPA stand for European E-invoicing Service Providerrs Association and is a network for E-Invoicing Service Providers. They represent the industry and engage in the public policy debate. EESPA has more than 70 members, and we are one of them.

The European Institutionens and Member States of the European Union have determined that e-invoicing is a public policy priotiry based on the digital agenda in Europe. E-invoicing is a key component of more efficient business processes. EESPA advocate electronic invoicing and all the benefits that come with it.

EESPA create value
Members of EESPA create value for their customers and stakeholders. EESPA has listed several benefits that members contribute to in a global ecosystem:

1) Lowering trade barrieres
By having members support all types of transactions, the entire supply chain automation can be unleashed. That mean that members connect business through inter-state trade, and they make it possible for private and public to trade easily, securely and transparently.
With global reach a trading system with fewer technical barriers is possible. It should streamline service provider collaboration, open up for business opportunities across and accelerate business growth.

2) Added value is in customized processes
The core value in e-invoicing is not the ability to transport data but lies in the addition that is offered on top of the transaction. The value proposition can be legal certainty, automation, validation, spend visibility and financing. Members of EESPA is fighting for added value for their customers.

3) Reduce costs and increase efficiency
Through e-invoicing the members help their customers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve data quality as well as transparency. Greater competitiveness will be created which benefit both large and small companies.

4) Supports community climate goals and social responsibility
E-invoicing delivers value to the community through eliminating paper and ink, reducing transportation costs, decrease manual work and thereby release resources for more productive work.

mySupply is proud to be part of EESPA-network as the ecosystem gradually will improve the climate for all businesses, government agencies and the community.

Read more about EESPA

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