Schematron 15/9-17

15. September 2017, kl. 07:53

There are changes in the official schematron rules.

The Schematron checks that the regulatory framework for a large number of requirements for the OIOUBL files is complied with, and the update is therefore required to comply with statutory rules for OIOUBL in Denmark.

We have released patches to VAX NemHandel and VAX Integrator with these new schematron rules. The patches can be downloaded on our web site

Overview of the changes in OIOUBL Schematron 1.9


  1795: Add new country codes: BQ, CW, SS, SX. Removed deleted country codes: AN, BL, MF

1804: Allow Negative MultiplierFactorNumeric for Price / AllowanceCharge in Credit Note

1834: New Coding List for Tax Categories (OIOUBL_Code List_TaxCategoryID-1.3)

– New in release: Added 3083, 3084, 3639 to the TaxCategoryId 1.3 code list

1834: New Code List for TaxSchemeID (OIOUBL_Code List_TaxSchemeID-1.5)


We recommend that all updates are installed in chronological order.

The changes in the official schematron rules can also be seen here:

You can validate your document on the on-line validator

If you need assistance with the installation, please contact our support at or +45 9696 1070.